Post-op, powering on!

It’s been about 3 weeks since I had major surgery. It’s my third one this year, and I’m feeling more confident each day that my chronic pain won’t hold me down any longer. Whilst recovering from the surgery, I’ve been summarising all the studies I’ve been doing with my pain-science collaborators. VUE (Visual Understanding Environment), a mind-map program, has been an invaluable tool for organising my head around such a heavy load of information. I’m nearly finished with it. I will post the snap shot of the map in a few days time. Once it’s all done, then it will be time to draw up my artwork based on the map. I think the work will be an animation and it will show pain narratives constructed from the mind-map. There are a few visual ideas floating in my head, and cross fingers it’ll turn out ok. I don’t even know how to use the animation/video editing programs yet (my computer course is coming up next week), so it’ll be like walking on thin ice till I finish the artwork. I’m feeling very excited and also apprehensive. But then again, what’s new?!


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