New discovery just around the corner

I went to an opening at Culture at Work this afternoon. It was located just around the corner from where I live, and I had never visited there! And recently I found out that this place is dedicated to support artist-science collaboration, so I had to check it out. It was such a delightful afternoon despite the weather, to meet and talk to people there. Most of them were local, it was surprising to find out how many artists and arts workers live in my vicinity. I guess it also highlights my hermit-like behaviour. Eugenie, get out of your hidey-hole and talk to people sometimes! Anyhow, nice drawings by artists who attend the Wednesday nights sketch club at the venue, the exhibition is an intimate selection of their works. I think I’ll bring out my good old Pitt pencils and join the sketch club soon. I haven’t done figure drawings for many years so it’ll be interesting to find out how much I’ve ‘lost’ or maintained the eye-hand coordination.

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