Film director? Me?

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect are awesome. Recently I went to learn these computer programs and they weren’t as difficult as I feared. The instructor, Ben, at City Desktop Training was simply brilliant. He patiently explained a lot of complicated information comprehensively. When I managed to put simple sequences together to create a short trailer, I felt like I was being a film director. Ha! I know it was an extremely simple exercise but to be able to even reach that level for me was a high achievement indeed. I’ve always been nervous about using computers for anything other than emailing or using simple Word documents.

It’s ironic that someone like me who is uncomfortable using any kind of technology, also relies heavily on Photoshop for most of my projects; what I normally do is to set up a miniature scene in my shadowbox and then superimpose images of myself in Photoshop. This is where I fine-tune the composition before I begin my painting.

I had always seen my paintings as still images captured from narrative stories in my mind. Now, by using these video-editing programs, every element in my paintings can finally come alive. So naturally, my next artwork will be a video animation. I will post my work in progress soon.

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