Chronic pain video animation – my first storyboard

I’ve read most of the summaries and articles my scientists have given me over the last few months. Each of them focus on specific topics within the umbrella of chronic pain research – I don’t know if my animation scenes will be able to cover all the topics. Actually I’m sure it will be impossible to do so in one artwork. It will definitely have to be a series for sure. So I will just let things flow intuitively and jot down the visual images I see in my head. Below is my first storyboard and I can already see that some scenes have direct links to the mind map I’ve produced earlier.

Eugenie Lee's storyboard, animation storyboard for artist Eugenie Lee's video animation

My storyboard idea 1

It’s taken me three days to come up with 16 potential scenes so far. I’ve got lots more to do till I’m satisfied, and then I will go through them again in detail and fine-tune/cull them. Hopefully by the time I have my next meeting with the scientists, I’ll have a few rough video scenes drafted to show them. I’ll expect honest and brutal feedback from them.

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