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It’s been a while since my last blog post. What was happening during my absence?

Well, a lot.

I finished my residency with Body In Mind group (BIM) in Sansom Institute of Health, UniSA at the end of last year, and around that time I came up with an exciting new idea regarding what to do with my newly gained knowledge on chronic pain. Learning anything and everything from my dearest scientist group from BIM got me thinking. Bursting with enthusiasm and ideas, I started talking to people. During this time I came across Professor Philip Poronnik, a professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sydney. I told him about my buzzing ideas particularly on using a Virtual Reality Environment (VRE) as an alternative treatment option for chronic pain sufferers. The very next morning he emailed me and said he was interested in my VRE idea and wanted to meet up. Was I stoked? Hell yes, because I’ve finally found a scientist partner who can bring in the technological component to the concept, plus much more.

The next step was to fine-tune my concept because by then I was building up this idea into a monumental, gigantic, unrealistic and confused mess pile. I was basically forcing multiple projects into one. So I needed some brutal trimming by people who knew what they were talking about – the BIMmers. So on my last residency trip to Adelaide, I presented my raw messy idea on the VRE, and KABOOM! They indeed expertly dissected, interrogated, examined, poked and probed my concept until I felt completely done for. What was my reward for going through the lab-rat experience? I got to fast track my raw VRE idea into a nice and neat project, and to top it all, Dr Tasha Stanton, a postdoctoral research fellow there is now on board for my project. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. In the next few blogs, I will introduce my project and the collaborators in more detail.

And then there was x-mas break. My family and I went to New York during this time and I thought we could do so much there in three weeks. Boy, wasn’t I wrong. Clearly, I will have to go back there many times over as I feel we’ve only explored less than 1% of what great NY can offer. I really wouldn’t mind living there for a while…

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  1. This experiment will be a long term project. We are going to find out a few things on the healthy volunteers first, making sure we are on the right track. And then we’ll look into targeting a specific pain condition. I’m super excited about this one Vanessa, thanks so much for your encouragement! Oh and yes, NY, NY, NY…. My family and I have definitely found OUR part of NY during the last trip, and we’ll definitely have to go back there one day.

  2. Love the concept-so exciting!!!! (Plus agree about NY…such an buzzing place!)

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